Top 10 dainty necklaces You're going to Love

Summer is here! And that means it’s time to take your jewelry collection to a whole new level. Since you’ll be wearing lighter clothes, this is the perfect opportunity to wear those dainty, delicate pieces we all love. In today’s post, we’re featuring our favorite minimalist necklaces. These 10 necklaces are great to wear solo or to layer with other pieces. The only limit is your imagination.

Sisters Forever Necklace

Show your sisterly love with this beautiful minimalist necklace. It features 2 rings interwoven with each other, like a bond between sisters. And remember, a sister can be a big sis, little sis, BFF, or even your mom! This is the perfect gift for you and that special sister in your life. Plus, it’s super cute with a v-neck top!

Minimalist Seduction Necklace

Seductive, subtle and classy. This elegant necklace features a shiny white Zirconia pendant. It might be small in size, but it makes a big impact. This is perfect for the confident woman who doesn’t need to wear flashy jewelry to stand out. A great everyday piece, you’ll forget about all your other necklaces!

Turquoise Skies Necklace

There’s a small island in the Caribbean where magic happens everyday. Their water has a rich turquoise color that is hypnotizing. The water reflects, and if you look up you will see a beautiful turquoise sky. We wanted to capture that in a minimalist way, and so we created this necklace. You can’t help but smile when you wear it. It will also add a pop of color to your outfits.

Essential Minimalist Bar Necklace

This is one of our favorites! It’s a classic wire bar necklace but with a twist. It comes with a small zirconia stud that gives it a little bit of flair. This is a great choice if you’re looking for something sexy but not flashy. There’s something about the way the bar looks on the skin that makes it so attractive.

Mermaid Shell Amulet Necklace

We all know someone who’s a mermaid, right? You know, that girl who loves the water and goes to the beach all the time. Maybe it’s you. This beautiful small shell pedant necklace is a must have this summer! It captures that energy of the sea. It’s great on it’s own and also pairs well with another minimalist necklaces.

 Simple Love Necklace

Are you the type of girl that wears her heart on her sleeve? That’s what we were trying to capture with this delicate heat charm necklace. A simple but beautiful heart you can display for everyone to see. The real you. This one is available in either Gold or Silver, whichever represents you better. This is what people are saying - “It’s an understated necklace but it shines really well and it doesn't tangle with my hair, which is AMAZING!”

Crystal Drop Necklace

You’re laying out by the beach, but it’s nighttime. You look up at the stars and close your eyes. A crystal drop falls gently on your chest. You open your eyes, and you’re wearing a beautiful crystal drop necklace. The stars look down at you, glittering. This necklace features seven cubic zirconia stones that are inlaid in a gold plated necklace. You’ll be ready to shine in any occasion.

To Infinity and Beyond Necklace

What lies beyond infinity? You…looking cute in this forever necklace! This delicate necklace is encrusted with zirconia and an 18K gold plated sterling silver chain. It goes well with absolutely everything! Sometimes it’s better to keep it simple and authentic. And there’s no better way to say “I will love you, to infinity.”

The Black Onyx Crystal Necklace

The Black Onyx Crystal. It is said to be the hardest crystal ever found. It represents strength, courage and determination…all while looking sexy! Oh, you will definitely look sexy wearing this. We love the simple bohemian style of this necklace. It makes a statement without being too loud. Pair it with a black sleeveless top.

Delicate Spaced Beads Necklace

A choker? A necklace? No, it’s our delicate Spaced Beads Necklace. This elegant necklace can be worn as is, or make it shorter to turn it into a choker. It also plays well layered with our other minimalist boho pieces! We love it, it’s so chic and fun. It looks amazing with a white button up shirt.

There you go, our 10 favorite minimalist necklaces! All of these necklaces are 16" Fine Chain in length with a 2" Extension, so they can be worn as a choker or a little longer. Plus, they’re waterproof so you can wear them at the beach or pool this summer without a worry.


Get one for your BFF, or keep it for yourself ;)

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